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Emmanuel Dei-Tumi is one of two pioneers of the motivational speaking industry in Ghana and has developed into one of the nation’s foremost authorities in unearthing and tapping into human potential. He is a motivational speaker, a youth development practitioner, an author, a training consultant, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a radio and television personality.

Emmanuel Dei-Tumi

Emmanuel Dei-Tumi

Possibility Forum with Emmanuel Dei-Tumi


Motivational Speaker and Youth Development Practitioner

He is an experienced professional with a versatile range of qualifications and rich mix of personal skills. His passion, expertise and experience are in business start development, youth development, strategic and trans-formative leadership development, entrepreneurial development, coaching, people skills development and attitudinal change.

He has over 18 years’ experience in the design and implementation of youth development and business start-up modules, consulting to private and public sector institutions including international development agencies. He also has a background in investment coaching and counseling.


Best Selling Author

Emmanuel has successfully authored several books including a French grammar book and has produced several audio tapes, DVDs and CDs on success, motivation, leadership, customer service related issues. His highly acclaimed and successful books are, Unraveling the Secrets to Wealth Creation, What I wish I Knew Before the Age of Twenty and Customer Service is Attitude Not a Department


Professional Trainer, Leadership and Management Consultant
With his in depth knowledge about the changing landscape of the 21st century world of business, he equips young corporate executives with the skills that can enable them rise to the very top of the corporate ladder. He has also served as training consultant to various corporate bodies assisting them to develop a new strategic architecture to serve as a link between the present and the future, thereby focusing on empowering the staff for higher levels of professional performance.

He focuses on Strategic and Transformative Leadership, Attitudinal Change, People Skills Development, Organizational Restructuring and Customer Service. His clients include both small and large companies in the financial services, educational, manufacturing, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and health sectors as well as High Commissions. Some of these client’s are Ghana Club 100 companies.


Emmanuel is the Founder and Group Chief Executive of The Future Leaders Group, an indigenous group with interests in youth development, micro-finance, training consulting, micro-insurance and publishing. The members of the group include Foundation for Future Leaders International, Pan African Center for Youth and Development, Future Leaders Investment Club, Future Leaders Investment Microfinance Limited and Future leaders Cooperative Credit Union, Human Capital International, Wisdom Center International.


Award Winning Motivational Speaker

His distinguished pioneering role and meritorious service in youth empowerment and development won him the coveted Millennium Excellence Award for Inspiration in 2005. He was the second recipient to receive that award since its inception. He was also honored as The Young Professionals Role Model in Youth Empowerment and Development by The Young Professionals Youth Coalition Initiative (YPYCI), a coalition of professionals in Ghana.

The African Heritage Society in South Africa also made him the Goodwill Ambassador for Prosperity. The Society is a pan-African non-profit organization set up to put Africa and its interests at the center of business strategy. The award was established to celebrate the contribution of individuals whose lifetime accomplishments have helped shape and define the characters, personality and brand of Africa. Other individuals who have been honored by the Society include Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, former president of Zambia, Baroness, Lynda Chalker, a former Member of the British Parliament and Minister of State and Dr. Bakili Muluzi, former president of Malawi.

Radio and Television Personality

Emmanuel’s timely, inspiring and provocative message has made him a speaker everyone desires to hear speak. He has been interviewed on premiere radio and television stations in Ghana and abroad.
He hosted a weekly motivational television show on GTV and TV3 in Ghana known as “The Possibility Forum”, watched by millions of Ghanaians. The program helped to change the paradigms of viewers in order to unlock the possibilities in their seemingly impossible looking situations.


Due to the numerous challenges Emmanuel faced during his early years, he has developed tremendous passion for other young people who face similar challenges in life. His organization, Foundation for Future Leaders International, therefore sponsors the education of some needy but bright children. He is driven by the believe that we are blessed to be a channel of blessing and so makes several donations to individuals, schools and churches in cash and in kind annually. Large quantities of his books and tapes are given out as donations to schools and churches during some of his speaking tours.

Emmanuel has a Masters Degree in Leadership and Governance (GIMPA) and a Bachelors degree (Hons) in Psychology with Sociology (University of Ghana). He also holds an Advanced Diploma in Strategic Leadership (Haggai Institute), a Diploma in Insurance (Ghana Insurance College) and an Advanced Diploma in Youth Development (University of Ghana). Emmanuel has participated in several national and international conferences, seminars and workshops either as a facilitator, presenter, lead discussant, chairman or a participant. He serves on the board of the National Youth Authority.