Massage from Pastor Bob Nichols for LTV at 20

My name is Dr. Bob Nichols and, along with my wife Joy, founded Calvary Cathedral International, an international ministry located in Fort Worth, Texas USA in 1964. We just celebrated 53 years of Pastoral Ministry. Our church seats approximately 2,000 people and we have a Christian School in its 39th year of educating young people on a beautiful wooded campus featuring a 74,000 square foot, state of the art, school building.

Pastor Bob Nichols

Pastor Bob Nichols

I was very blessed to have a father and mother who were Christians. They taught my two brothers and

me about Jesus Christ, the Word of God and loving other people. They taught us to be a blessing to

other nations, and that is one reason we have been so blessed being a part of Lighthouse Television in


Through our missionaries on the island of Grenada, Mike and Maureen Magnuson, we were able to raise

up a Christian television station, Lighthouse Television Grenada. Then an engineer from Uganda by the

name of Godfrey Mutabazi was in Grenada on a business trip and saw Lighthouse Television Grenada.

He was so touched and blessed by viewing the programming that he met and told the Magnusons,

“You must bring Christian television to Uganda.” They immediately called and told me of the invitation.

I said that it sounded totally impossible because on the island of Grenada we were only reaching 100,000 people

and, realizing the vastness of Uganda, we would be talking about reaching millions of people in Africa!


So I called Dr. Paul Crouch, founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), who said we could not obtain a

broadcasting license in Uganda because they had already tried in vain. Mr. Mutabazi returned to

Uganda and we told him that if he could obtain the license, we would see what we could do. A few days

later, we received a call that a broadcasting license had been obtained! Engineer Godfrey Mutabazi and

Chris Katuramu, two Ugandan businessmen, had miraculously obtained the license! We again talked to

Dr. Paul Crouch who said “Well, TBN will help you with a certain amount of the equipment and the programming

for Lighthouse Television, but the day to day operations of Lighthouse will be the responsibility of Calvary Cathedral International.”


One of the greatest miracles that I know of in the world is the raising up of Lighthouse Television in

Uganda! We were not trained to do that! Mike Magnuson had been in the construction business before

he moved into the ministry. Mike had raised up a much smaller station in Grenada, but this was a much

bigger project. God gave him supernatural wisdom on how to construct Lighthouse Television in Uganda.

For eighteen years, we had our studio building on Naguru Hill and our equipment on Kololo Summit with

our antenna on top of the tower that the Communist Chinese gave to Idi Amin. Today, our studio building

serves as our broadcasting platform.


It is an awesome miracle that we are celebrating broadcasting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Uganda 24

hours a day for 20 years on Lighthouse Television! There were so many obstacles and challenges that

came with the project, even times when pieces of equipment were impossible to obtain. But God helped

us get the right equipment and Calvary Cathedral International responded graciously and generously

raised money every time there was a shortfall. Lighthouse Television is a dream come true! We often

say, “Out of the little (Lighthouse Television Grenada) came the big (Lighthouse Television of Uganda)! To God be all the glory!”