Uganda Communication Commissions (UCC) held a breakfast today (Friday October 27, 2017) at Serena Hotel in honor of Pastor Bob Nichols

Thank you to all LTV Partners

We are a seed that has the potential of producing many seeds. Everything God did in this world began from a seed. There is a seed in you that no one can do just like you can do it. When God puts that seed in you, it takes your obedience for you to plant that seed. Thank you for sowing seeds in Lighthouse. May your harvest be full as you keep standing with LTV in every way. We still need all of you for us to be able to reach every soul that God want us to touch with the word of God.


Mission Statement

Lighthouse Television’s mission is to disciple the nations through the Gospel of Jesus Christ using all available television and media platforms available. In order to accomplish this goal: 1. LTV realizes that the Gospel of Jesus Christ provides all that is necessary for mankind to prosper and fulfill God’s purposes upon the earth. 2. LTV realizes that a nation is unable to prosper without a Judeo-Christian mindset embedded within its people and government. 3. Therefore, LTV broadcasts local pastors in conjunction with TBN and other Christian programming to evangelize the nation and to strengthen local churches through the teaching of the Word of God.


Products and Services

Lighthouse Television Uganda provides products and services to the community by selling television air-time in the form of paid programs and advertisements. Approximately 70% of its content comes from four TBN networks. This content is pre-recorded programing provided by TBN Int’l, Church Channel, JUCE, and Smile of a Child. Approximately 30% of its content comes from Ugandan ministers, local productions and other Christian programming. An average of 20 Ugandan ministers provide most of this content. Therefore, Lighthouse Television Uganda is branded as the flagship voice for the many churches in Uganda. Lighthouse produced approximately 150 programs in the studio in 2015. Ugandan ministers produced